Paloma 27L 6 Star Cont. Flow External Water Heater - NG [OUT OF STOCK] [NOT AVAILABLE]



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3 years

Discreetly located on an outside wall, ideally near the most used water outlet such as the kitchen, Paloma’s external gas water heater systems are compact, stylish and inconspicuous. These gas water heaters take up minimal outdoor space ensuring minimal impact on your home and surroundings.

Warranty: Pro Rata 10 Years residential, 1 Year Commercial Heat exchanger (parts only) from date of installation, eg. within 2nd year 80%, 4th year 60% value of part

All other parts and labour: 3 Years Residential, 1 Year Commercial


  • 27L of hot water per minute with 82° maximum temperature output, ideal for both residential and light commercial applications
  • Increased water efficiency with reduced water flow during start-up
  • Q Function provides superior temperature control with minimal water temperature fluctuation
  • Built-in safety features include flame failure device, overheat limit switch and water pressure relief valves
  • EZ-link, simple manifold-connect system for larger homes, sports club and applications where there is a high demand for hot water
  • Frost protection for reliable operation
  • Optional programmable remote controllers available for precise control, convenience and added safety


  • Hot water capacity at 25º temperature rise: 27L
  • Output: 46.5kW
  • Input: 205 MJ/hr
  • Inlet Operating Water Pressure: Min: 140 kPa / Max: 1000 kPa
  • Power Consumption: Normal – 80 W / Anti-frost – 175 W
  • Connections – hot/cold/gas: ¾” / 20 mm
  • Dimensions (mm): 568 H x 351 W x 227 D
  • Weight (empty): 24 kgs
  • Clearance to Combustibles (as per NZS5261): Above: 300mm Back: 10mm Sides: 300mm Front: 500mm