Kent Ruapehu Wood Fire 22kW [NOT AVAILABLE]


$2,049.00 Save 27%
Factory second
6 months

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Designed in New Zealand, we understand the important part wood fires play in heating our homes. With a focus on energy efficiency, value-for-money and style, we’ve been heating Kiwi homes since 1979. Our extensive range of clean air wood burners allows you to choose the fire that’s right for your home.


  • Clean air approved large-size radiant and convection wood fire
  • Traditional matt black design, 6mm steel
  • Vermiculite brick lined firebox
  • Multi-burn firebox helps glass remain clear
  • Steel plate stove top for cooking use


  • Estimated maximum heat output: 22kW
  • Heats area up to 250m²
  • Average emission rate: 0.54g/kg
  • Overall average efficiency: 66%
  • ECAN Authorisation No. 191312


  • Minor use (approx 2 months)
  • Top panel has been repainted using stove bright high temp paint
  • Paint chip on door

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